I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska; a somewhat-known city in a seemingly unknown region in the middle of the United States.  Though many have never heard of Omaha, I take great pride in where I come from. I often say that growing up in a “big” city with a small-town feel, a city where a ten-minute drive east can take you to a historic downtown or a ten-minute drive west can take you to miles of rich farmland, has influenced me more than anything in my life.  By living in a city of such duality, it has allowed me to meet people of all walks of life, race, and religions. In turn, this provided the opportunity to hear all sorts of stories as well, fueling my passion for filmmaking and telling a narrative focused on people.


My philosophy is that if the root of the story has the potential to impact someone,  then it is a story worth telling.  In 2016, I continued to pursue my passion and dreams at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, where I hope to further my storytelling ability and impact audiences for years to come.

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